Whether youre living alone or have a large family, entertainment can get expensive.  If you want to save money and still be able to enjoy some fun, youll want to find the free and affordable entertainment offered around the Laurinburg, NC area where you live.  Once you see how many things you can do that dont cost much, youll make it a habit to go out and enjoy things that dont break your budget or cost you anything at all to have the fun you want to enjoy on a regular basis.

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The city of Fayetteville, NC is a town thats supported by the large Army Post of Fort Bragg thats located next to the city.  This means many of the residents are transient and move around often and need to live on military salaries.  Because of this, there are many free and cheap things you can find to do in the Fayetteville area when youre looking for entertainment that doesnt cost much or doesnt cost anything at all.  Check out some of the activities you can...continue reading

While Dillon, SC may be a small town on the border of South Carolina and North Carolina, there are still many things to do in the area.  Yes, you can head to the larger cities that arent too far away, but if you want to have some affordable fun and stay in your local area, youre going to want to take a look at this list.  Youre going to find a lot of fun and cheap things you can do and experience in the Dillon area when youve got a few hours to spare or just want a place to go on the weekend....continue reading

As a large city in North Carolina, you expect to find a lot of things to do in Charlotte, NC.  Unfortunately, most big cities come with the mindset that you will have to pay a lot to have the fun you want to, but thats not necessarily the case.  You can find a lot of things to do so that you can have fun and enjoy your time in Charlotte without breaking the bank.  If you want to fit your recreation into your tight budget, here are some things you need to consider enjoying.

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Do you have to spend money to have fun?  Thats a question that can haunt many families who are trying to live on a budget and still enjoy the recreation and fun that can be offered in the area they choose to live.  While there are some activities that require you to dip into your pockets to spend money, there are others you can enjoy on a daily or weekly basis in the Apex, NC area that dont cost much at all.  Some of these things you can do are free, making the price exactly what you...continue reading

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