Stop by and See What Benson, NC has to Offer

If youre traveling east and west or north and south, through North Carolina, theres a good chance youre going to use Interstate 95 or Interstate 40 for the ride.  These two major roads make an intersection at a small town that has lots for you to do if you simply make this your stopping point along the way.  The town of Benson, NC is located in Johnston County and is known as this intersection of interstates, but it also offers you a place where...continue reading

What Youll Find in Laurinburg, NC

If youre looking for a great place to live that offers you easy access to many areas around you, Laurinburg, NC is where you can easily choose.  This city is the county seat of Scotland County, which is on the border of South Carolina.  This small city is located in such a way that you can easily reach Charlotte, Fayetteville, Raleigh, Wilmington, and Charleston when you want to head to a large city for the entertainment and busy feeling offered before heading...continue reading

What do You Know about Clinton, NC?

The city of Clinton, NC is the county seat of Sampson County and is named for the Revolutionary War General of the same name.  While the city is small in population, its an amazing place to build a life for anyone looking for a quiet and enjoyable area near the coast that can be a wonderful small town to raise a family.  The area of Clinton has been settled for many years and it has been a place of interest for those who want to have easy access to Raleigh and...continue reading

Take a Look at Lumberton, NC Today

Many of the waterways of the country helped to build up and spurn settlements as early settlers to the country made use of these waterways as a means of travel and transporting of products.  Lumberton, NC is one of these settlements that have grown to be a city and the county seat of Robeson, County which is the largest county in North Carolina.  The Lumber River is the river that was used for many years as a shipping point for lumber used by the Navy as lumber...continue reading

Visit Fayetteville, NC Today

The city of Fayetteville, NC is known mostly for being the city next to the Army Base of Fort Bragg, but theres a lot more to this city than its military affiliation.  As a proud city that has been built up to offer a variety of amazing qualities to the military personnel and families in the area, Fayetteville has a rich history which makes it a great place to live and an excellent location to visit when youre looking for something to do and enjoy around an area that offers the...continue reading

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